Energy Saving Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is nearly here! If you’re stuck for a last minute present, some of these gifts could really impress mum 😉

We love this wind up MP3 player, you can play movies, MP3s or listen to the radio. It also has a massive 4gb storage capacity! It’s £99.95 at there’s no question that mum’s worth it!

This shower radio runs completely on water, perfect for singing in the shower! You can purchase it at Nigels Eco Store for £34.99.

This clever little gizmo is a water powered clock, it’ll see you through a power cut! We found this on (prices are variable).

These pretty little things are solar sun jar lamps. Charge them up by sunlight during the day and they’ll glow beautiful colours for hours on end at night! We found these on Amazon starting at £10.31.

If mum likes candles then here’s one that’s a bit different. It will burn for around 5 hours. It can be purchased on Firebox for £7.49.

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend, we’re off to grab some pretty sun jars!

The Spark Energy Team

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