Could British Summer Time Save Energy?

The clocks go forward this Sunday and we will all lose an hour but could we be gaining in other ways? Here are a few tips and suggestions for when the clocks go forward and the better weather.

  • If you don’t put the heating on until you get up, then you could be saving energy as it can often be warmer the later it gets into the day.
  • By the time you do get up in the morning, you probably won’t need to switch on your lights as the sun (will hopefully!) be shining away outside, pouring natural light into your windows.
  • Because it’s lighter later into the night, you won’t need to use your lights until a lot later on.
  • Being light outside in the evening encourages us to get out and about more after work so we’re not in the house using energy watching tv, playing on the computer or Facebooking our mates!
  • While you’re letting the light in by having your curtains open, your home is taking in light from the sun and keeping it heated naturally so you’re less likely to have the heating on as much.
  • It’s a perfect time for hanging your washing outside, tumble driers usually use quite a lot of energy.
  • Have a camping trip, you’ll save on energy at home.
  • Summer time makes us feel more like a salad for tea than a piping hot lasagne. You could save energy by making meals that don’t really involve any cooking.
  • If you’re having a BBQ and sitting outside to enjoy the lighter evenings, keep a stock of ice and other frozen delights in the freezer, an empty freezer uses more energy staying cold.
  • You will save energy BBQ cooking outside instead of using the cooker or oven.
  • Lower the thermostat and rejig the timer – it’s most likely you may hardly even use it between not being there or sunlight heating the home.
  • Use the drying rack instead of the tumble drier at home, the extra natural light and heat will help dry clothes.
  • Instead of outdoor lighting that runs on electricity, use solar lights instead that will charge up for free on sunlight all day long then at night time you’re treated to a pretty display of ambient light. You can also get different colour or colour changing solar lights for relatively cheap from most shops.

Maybe losing that hour isn’t so bad after all? We feel a bit better about it now anyway!

The Spark Energy Team

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