Big Energy

There are many different energy suppliers in the UK and all over the world. There is one supplier that holds so much gas, its radius is 109 times bigger than that of the earth.

The sun, is the biggest energy supplier of all and powers life itself on our planet. It is made entirely of gas and has no solid surface. Even though our sun is 93 million miles away from us, it is still the closest star to earth and we harness energy from its 5700 celsius surface every single day.

The biggest solar flare in 5 years has been reported and is sending solar winds in the direction of the earth. Usually when this happens, the Aurora Borealis (‘Northern Lights’) can be seen. Aurora Watch UK provide updates on sightings and alerts for when it’s most likely to catch a glimpse of the lights.

Keep your eyes peeled tonight and you might be lucky – we’d love to hear your experiences!

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