Leap Year Proposal Tips That Could Save You Energy!

It’s the 29th of February and there may be some of you ladies out there that are gearing up to pop the question tonight…

Here are some clever tips to help you save energy and be romantic all at the same time!

1. Instead of dimming the lights, if you are going to propose and have planned to cook a meal for your loved one, why not wait until dusk and light candles all around the room! Candles give off heat, create a romantic atmosphere and what’s more, they last for hours on end.

2. Go out somewhere picturesque and have a picnic with a bottle of wine, you’ll save energy by not being at home and it’s something different.

3. If you are looking to go out at night instead, why not try camping! It’s cheap and you could propose by a romantic camp fire. Again, you’re saving energy by getting yourself out of the house.

4. If you’re staying in and have a fire, stoke it up and use this instead of turning up the heating. Everyone knows a roaring open fire is romantic!

5. Do lots of snuggling up to keep warm!

6. Have a lie in the next day, you won’t use much gas or electricity if you’re not awake or lazing in bed.

Happy leap year ladies, and best of luck 😉

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