Keep Warm and Carry On

Freezing weather up and down the country has been getting all of us down this week and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. With this in mind, we’ve thought of some different ways to beat the cold without having to turn up the heating.

Microwave monkey – throw this cute little guy in the microwave and cosy up, we found him on for just over £7, a real bargain and there are plenty more choices for the same price if you don’t fancy a monkey!

Chow down on a spicy curry – eating chillies  raises your body temperature, it can also boost your metabolism too so can help you lose weight!

We found this lovely modern version of the ‘door snake’ on Asda’s website for the budget price of £7, perfect for keeping those chilly drafts at bay. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not try and make your own door snake with the help of BBC Derby.

We love these funky littlehand warmers, great to keep your digits toasty!At 49 pence, we’re loving the price too! Check them out on

Now the weekend has come we’re off to grab a curry and stock up on all of these goodies, hope you all have a great weekend and keep warm!

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