Chris Huhne picks up fight for better energy deals for consumers

It’s great to see that Chris Huhne is championing the consumer regarding energy companies and trying to speed things up for them, while also getting them a better deal. But there’s other ways people can make sure they are getting the best deal without waiting for the Minister’s work to kick in.

Tips for getting the most from your energy provider and keeping bills down

If you’ll excuse the slight plug, one way that people can get a better deal is by ensuring that they have a Smart Meter which does away with meter estimates as the meter sends usage information directly to Spark Energy. More info can be found in the link above.

Another way that people can keep on top of their usage is to take meter readings themselves on a regular basis – and we’re now rewarding customers who do this and send the reading to us via the Spark Energy Lottery.

Keeping your bill payments close to what you use is another way of making sure there are no surprises. Some people set their payments up in summer and forget that as they use more in the winter, their bills will go up eventually – even if their monthly payment stays the same.

Spark Energy can help address this using Seasonal Direct Debit – contact our customer service team for more information on 0845 034 7474.

Something else the Minister has started campaigning for is quicker transfer times between energy providers. At Spark, we pride ourselves on being quicker than the industry average of six weeks and we typically transfer within five days for electricity and 21 days for gas.

It may not always transfer that quickly as there is more than one party involved in each changeover, but that’s what we aim for.

If anyone wants more details about the process we would be happy to go into detail in a future blog post.

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