Can you help us regarding online reviews

As with all energy companies we like to try and keep our customers happy and help them where we can. We also welcome feedback and there’s many sites out there for that. But we have a little request to make…

If you are going to leave comments about Spark Energy on a site – and it involves something we can look into or follow up on – please don’t leave your comment as Anonymous, Guest, SparkCustomer or anything similar. Please leave your real name so that we can look up your details and get in touch to try and resolve any issue that you have. This is also the case if you get in touch with us on the blog, on Twitter or Facebook – we need your real name to be able to investigate any issue.

If you have an issue, we want to be able to help and having your name makes that so much easier.

It also stops us constantly calling our customers called Anonymous, Guest and SparkCustomer to see what their issues are…

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