How would they have saved energy on the Death Star?

Death Star Energy Saving advice

As any Star Wars fan knows, the Blu-Ray release of the movies is drawing near and we thought we’d mark the occasion by pointing out ways that the Death Star could have saved on heating and energy costs because it’s not just individual home owners who can make savings with some simple steps – in fact Death Stars and the average home have more in common than you would think.

Read on to see 10 ways they could have saved on their heating bills at the Death Star:

10 ways the Death Star could have saved energy

  1. Did it really need to blow up Alderaan? Running that laser has got to be expensive
  2. Some mirrors to reflect the sunlight onto the dark side of the station, saving lighting costs (big stick out mirrors like car wing mirrors may have ruined the look though)
  3. Get a smart meter installed (of course, might have needed more than one given the size of it)
  4. Big cloaks on everyone. Darth Vader had the right idea – a nice big cloak to keep warm and huddled up in. Everyone else should have copied him. Wearning a jumper/wrap blanket can lower the heating by 5 degrees and save quite a sum over weeks
  5. Better waste management. That garbage compactor had everything in it, from aliens to cardboard and metal. Splitting them up for recycling would make far more sense and mean less energy wasted in breaking them down
  6. Solar panels. The Death Star seems to spend a lot of time near planets and most planets are near a sun, so instead of being that drab grey colour which most likely reflected the light, if there was more solar panelling, the light could be absorbed
  7. Turns some lights off. All those shuttle bays and rooms and not once do you ever see a person turn a light on or off. (And even with the lights on, Stormtroopers still bump their heads)
  8. All those big corridor spaces. Goodness, all the heat just escaping. If we assume the whole station has an atmosphere and heat radiates upwards [there’s one for the physicists – a) would it work that way, b) which way would be up in a rotating space station, c) would heat radiate to the bottom of the Death Star too as it’s a sphere?] More doors would help keep areas warm and trap heat.
  9. On that note, the Emperor had the right idea with his (relatively) small office at the top of the Death Star II. All the heat would have rose from the core to the top of the ‘building’. And he appeared to have his lights turned off too.
  10. Use Ewoks for cleaning instead of those little Roomba-like robots you see running about. Ewok fur looks as if it is a great natural furry duster and not using the Roombas would save on electricity costs.

(and as an 11, As Eddie Izzard points out (with some strong language) – they should have got Jeff Vader in, instead of Darth to run the place.)

The serious point:

While not every home has a planet destroying laser, some of the steps above apply to any and every situation for keeping warm and energy costs down:

  1. Keep doors closed
  2. have a blanket handy
  3. get Smart Meters installed
  4. turn off lights and appliances when not needed

Is there anything else the Death Star could have done?

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