All change at Spark with extra customer service staff, more Smartmeters and new site

spark energy smart meter Many people relax over the summer holidays but here at Spark Energy we’ve been ramping things up. Not only are we increasing our profile on social media platforms, passing on energy saving tips, advice and news, but we’ve doubled our customer service staffing numbers (knocking down walls in the process to fit everyone in) to help more people switch over to Smart Meters, which offer numerous benefits over the old-style model of billing and metering.

We’ll talk more in the future about smart meters but they do away with many of the criticisms of old-school metering including:

  • Thanks to their 3G chips – just like in your mobile phone – they can send us accurate, up-to-date information, doing away with meter readings and guesses on how much you’ll use (Also, no more need to answer the door in your pyjamas or having to stay in waiting for a visit for a meter reading)
  • It gives the resident greater control over their spending on heating and energy usage
  • No more high final payments (unless you’ve used a lot) because there will just be the one bill for what you’ve spent

We’ve also been working on tweaking and improving our website to improve our customer service to you – that’s currently in beta and we’ll perhaps ask in the next week or so if anyone wants to come and test that for us.

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