Spark Energy’s Janis joins charity drive for Gambia

Spark Energy employee Janis McClure is taking part in a charity drive to bring educational and medical supplies to children in Gambia.

It’s organised by Rainbow Run, a non-profit group which supports children in Gambia without access to state education.

Gambian children welcome Rainbow Run

Rainbow Run on previous Gambia visit

Janis is one of a dozen volunteers who plan to drive six landrovers loaded with medical and educational supplies, toys and books on a trip to Gambia in March 2012.

Janis has already been working hard to raise funds: ‘So far, I’ve held a car boot sale, and am planning to do more of these, so any donated items will be very welcome.’

‘With my Spark Energy colleague Carly Chambers, I’m also taking part in the six-mile Edinburgh Christmas 5K Run, along with our dogs.’

‘One of my team mates and fellow Scot is being sponsored to lose up to four stone in weight in aid of the Rainbow Run – he’s already lost a stone so far!’

‘We’re really appreciate your support or sponsorship – whether supplies, toys, car boot items or money. Everything goes direct to a great cause.’

Janis says the Rainbow Run is expected to take around four weeks: ‘We’ll be departing from the UK in March 2012, then on to Portsmouth to catch the ferry to Santander.’

Rainbow Run to Gambia

Rainbow Run on previous Gambia visit

‘From there it’s down through Spain, across the Gibraltar Straight and into Morocco, Marrakesh and then we continue down the coast of Africa.’

If you’re interested in supporting Janis and Carly, get in touch with Janis at the Spark Energy Erroneous Transfers Team.

For more about the Rainbow Run project, check out this YouTube video.

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