Smart Meters – the smart way to cut your electricity bills

Smart Meter

Smart Meter

Between 2012 and 2020, all 27 million homes in Britain will be fitted with Smart Meters to monitor electricity use.

The meters will be clipped onto our electricity supply, and information about our use transmitted to the electricity providers.

What’s the advantage? You can see exactly what you’re using, and save money by making simple changes such as turning off unused lights, or half-filling kettles.

It’s estimated that in a typical three-bedroomed house, you could save as much as £400 pounds a year, simply by changing light bulbs, turning off under-used appliances and properly insulating the loft.

Smart meters can display energy usage throughout the property. You can instantly see variations in consumption by switching lights and appliances on or off – so you can make choices about how to save. For instance – did you know that leaving electrical equipment on standby can cost up £100 per year alone?

The Benefits Of Spark Energy Smart Meters

  • The end of the estimated bill – you’ll be paying for energy as you use it. There’s no need for estimated bills, making it easier for you to manage your payments, and monitor how much you spend.
  • No more scary final payments – you’ve already prepaid your energy when you use it, so you won’t be presented with a scary final bill for energy you have consumed, but not yet paid for.
  • No more answering the door in your pyjamas – unlike traditional meters, Smart meters are read remotely. This means you won’t need to answer the door to the meter readers, fill in a card or provide readings online.
  • Help you to save money – Smart meters will give you much more accurate information on your energy consumption, so you have more control, and can choose to be more fuel-efficient.
  • Greater control over your energy usage – by making simple changes to your energy lifestyle, you’ll see the benefits pretty much immediately.

Spark Energy are among the first companies to be rolling out Smart Meters in the UK.