Spark Energy pleased to announce partnership with LetMC

LetMCSpark Energy are pleased announce a new partnership with the residential letting software provider  LetMC.

LetMC will  upload data files to Spark on behalf of its agents, to cut out utilities admin and simplify the move-in, move-out process.

Spark Energy Managing Director Chris Gauld said: ‘LetMC is a great fit with Spark Energy. They’re constantly striving to improve and streamline the business process for their clients, by providing a bespoke utilities report which fees directly into our systems.’

‘Automatic reports help save time and improve efficiency, by removing the margin for human error – there’s no need to remember to send information on a regular basis.’

If you’re interested in working with Spark Energy and updating or changing your software provider, please contact us on 0845 034 7474 and we’ll be happy to put you in touch.