Stop writing us cheques – Spark Energy might write you one!

One of our customers has just become even happier after winning £250 in our quarterly prize draw!

Thomas Wright, who got the call today from Debbie on the billing team, was thrilled: ‘Thank you. I’m delighted to get some money back from my energy company. What a pleasant surprise!’

We want to encourage as many of our customers as possible to pay their Spark Energy bills the smartest way, by Direct Debit.

So all customers who change to Direct Debit are entered into that quarter’s prize draw – with a chance of a great cash award.

But even if you don’t win, there are many other benefits: Direct Debit customers save on average £200 a year, avoid large balances building up, and find it easier to close accounts when they move out.

If you want to move to Direct Debit payment – and who wouldn’t, given the huge savings on offer! – simply download the mandate by clicking ‘Pay by Direct Debit’ on our homepage. Post it back to us, and perhaps we’ll be calling you next time!