What’s in a bill?

What’s in a bill Bills shouldn’t be confusing. Quite the opposite in fact and this is something we feel passionate about. Our team has put a lot of focus towards simplifying the billing process,

Summer Cooking

Budget family recipes As the weather heats up and we cast our minds to which Spanish Island to lounge on this year, here at Spark we always try and save our users a bit

Solar Panels

Solar Panels We are quite fond of mentioning solar powered devices here on Spark’s blog. Some of you may be slightly bamboozled about how these new-fangled gadgets work, treating anything which can convert the

How To Be Green At Festivals

Many of us will be attending festivals this summer to enjoy the music and sunshine (hopefully) but  Glastonbury and Roskilde, among others, have made a name for themselves in the green arena thanks to

Spark – The best energy supplier for tenants

Spark are the only energy company in the UK built around rental tenants. We offer a better alternative to the Big Six when tenants move into a new property and last night was testament to that,