Electric and Hybrid Cars

Electric cars, EV, Hybrid… they all sound great, but what are they, how do they work and what are the benefits? We’ve put together a basic guide to these futuristic (or historic!) rides. Although


We all know the importance of recycling, but it can be confusing. We’ve made a list of our five top tips on how you can do your bit for our planet. Some are obvious

Supporting Sport Relief

Here at Spark we always like to give a bit back to the communities we’re involved in. Last Friday evening 80 staff came volunteered to come in and man the phones for a night

Energy-saving tips for Spring

The days are growing longer and we are almost ready to dig the barbecue out of the garage. Spring is upon us and we have some top tips to help you save energy and

Spark does Sports Relief

This Friday we’ll be doing our bit for Sport Relief. 50 employees, including our CEO Chris Gauld, will be manning the phones, taking calls and raising money for the charity. We’ll be ordering pizza and