Sassy Summer Drinks

In the hope that summer soon appears, we put together a list of cocktails and mocktails to get you in the mood!

World Bike to Work Day

Our last blog told you how much you could help the planet just by leaving the car at home. Well, now is the time to put that into practice!

How green is your office?

This week is all about making your office green! It’s becoming more and more important to ensure that we do our bit for the planet and just think how much of a difference a

It’s Lemonade Day at Spark!

It’s Lemonade Day! Check out our delicious recipe for making a jug of refreshing and zingy pink lemonade, just in time for summer! Ingredients:  8 lemons, plus extra slices to serve 200g caster sugar,

Spark Energy – Rio Olympic Torch

The final countdown to the 2016 Olympic Games begins today as the Olympic Torch embarks on its giant relay around host country Brazil. Having completed its Greek leg on the 27th April, the torch