The Academy – Raising the bar at Spark

At Spark, we’re committed to offering our customers a genuinely excellent customer experience. That’s why we’re excited to have completed work on our new staff training facility – The Academy.

When the lights go out, in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? 1-0-5!

(Please excuse our ghostbusters reference there, we couldn’t resist…) There is now a new easy way to report a power cut or electricity network safety issue – just dial 105. It’s free to use

The evolution of electricity

We’re all increasingly dependent on electricity. In fact, these days we expect it wherever we go for things like charging our phone or tablet. But how did our great, great, great Grandparents cope? What

Scrumptious Summer Recipes

Hello sunshine! It’s August and the sun is shining (now and again), so we’ve got three delicious and simple recipes which use fresh ingredients to help you make the most of the last few

Getting energised for the next 10 days of Olympic sport!

You might remember our blog a few months ago about the Olympic Torch as it made its way around Brazil. Well, now it has concluded its epic journey, having been carried by 12,000 runners