Winter warmer recipes

There is no better way to get through a dark winter than make sure all of your meals are hearty and wholesome. Check out our three winter warmer recipes which are so easy all

Landlords: are you letting one of the 380,000 homes which will become unlettable?

As early as next year there are changes coming into effect whether impact how low energy efficient houses in the private rented sector can be legally let, and the financial costs associated with these

Low-tech ways to keep your home warm

Installing double glazing, cavity wall insulation and a new boiler isn’t cheap. But how can you keep your house warm this winter without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas: 1. Use tin foil.

How to make your tumble dryer more energy efficient

Tumble dryers can use quite a lot of energy. But hanging your clothes out on the line just isn’t possible when it’s raining or during the winter months. However, there are some steps you

The best energy saving apps!

Smartphones really have become an essential part of daily life. From GPS guidance to communications with friends around the world, an app can often be the answer. What many people are not aware is